Whatever type of works you are planning, from major civil projects to landscaping and construction work, we have the sediment control and drainage protection solutions that you need.

Siltation Fencing

Siltation Fencing is a popular option when it comes to sediment control due to its fast installation and affordability. 

The Protection of the Environment Operations Act requires all work sites need to take the proper steps for sediment control, implementing a sediment control plan, and following through with the installation of that plan.

Failure to comply with implementing a sediment control plan can result in a major fine up to $15,000. 

Drain Protection

Silt socks are ideal for sediment control around drains & gutters, ensuring that you and your site comply with The Protection of the Environment Operations Act.

Available in both 1m and 2m lengths, silt socks are supplied and installed filled with gravel, allowing water to pass through whilst capturing the majority of silt and sediment.

Waste Enclosures

Waste enclosures are the perfect solution for sorting and separating both waste and recyclable material during construction. 

Usually comprising of 3 sides and 2.4m2 in size, bins can be used for general waste, timber for mulching and bricks/tiles for recycling as temporary driveways or gravel. Material bags are also available for wind protection and recycling.

Building & Project Management

From waste managers and maintenance services to environmental sites and more, we can provide a full project management package.

Our services included gutter and drain protection through the utilisation of siltation socks, sand bags, and culvert/pit covers.

We will help you to make the best choices that save you time and money.

Talk to one of our highly experienced team today about the specifics of your unique projects and we will advise you on the best, most cost-effective options for your site.